13 Kpop Songs to Get You Hyped for Summer!

What’s up everybody, it’s Erin Unnie!

Today, I felt like bringing a little sunshine to the blog.

I don’t know where you live, but here in the United States, I feel like the weather is toying with us. Last week it was warm and sunny. Believe it or not, I could leave the house without a jacket.

And then this happened.


And this was me:

y u no guy

I am so done with winter and cold and scraping ice off my car. I’m ready for it to be summer.

So, that’s why today I’m sharing my favorite Kpop songs that get me hyped for summer. Let’s get started!

Hot Summer by f(x) (2011)

You can’t have a summertime Kpop list without mentioning this song. So I figured we’d get it out of the way. Everything about it from the dance to the chorus to the colors make me think of summertime. I’ve never been to Korea, but I’ve heard their summers are brutal and I’d probably melt into a puddle. But this song makes that insane heat seem cool!

Abing Abing by Orange Caramel (2014)

I love Orange Caramel. They’re so cute & I just want to be their best friend. And their outfits! Always nail the concept. And what’s more appropriate for a list about getting hyped for summer than a song about ice cream?

Naengmyeon by Jessica & Park Myung Soo (2009)

Keeping with the food theme, we have delicious cold noodles, perfect for a hot summer day. This song is just as refreshing as the dish it’s named after. Doing the dance and singing along definitely help get me excited for slurping up cold noodles.

Carnival—Super Junior (2009)

I’ve gotta admit it—this is probably my very favorite summer song on the list. Super Junior is my bias and this song just screams summer. From the Jamaican instruments and the upbeat lyrics, this song always gets me ready to hit the beach. (Also, fun fact! Did you know that Super Junior is NOT the original singer of this song? A group from the Netherlands called Chipz debuted this song in 2005—4 years before Super Junior).

Solo Day—B1A4 (Summer 2014)

This song makes me long for lazy days, hanging out with friends or flying solo. It’s got a catchy tune to hum (or whistle) along to and the music video is freaking hilarious. What’s not to like?

Party—SNSD (Summer 2015)

Of course this had to be on the list! I loved this song as soon as it came out. It’s addictive and perfectly captures the summer “party” mood. I think the girls look absolutely beautiful too. Sunny’s hair is especially amazing!

Touch My Body—Sistar (Summer 2014)

Sistar is arguably the Queens of summer hits. And this song is the crown jewel of their summer themes. The brassy, jazzy, airy sound and the signature dance are all reasons this song gets me grooving for summer.

Loving You—Sistar (Summer 2012)

I told you Sistar are the Queens of summer hits! Hence, why they have 2 songs on this list. Loving You is a refreshing song that lifts your spirits and makes me imagine driving along a Hawaiian highway with my love.

Highway Romance—Yoon Jong Shin (Summer 2001)

Okay, I’ll be honest. The only reason I know about this song is because of Running Man. But as soon as I heard it, I loved it. It’s catchy, upbeat, and is about driving with the top down, screaming at the top of your lungs. Is it just me, or does anyone else love the way he says 소리쳐봐 (so-ri-chyeo-bwa)? Anyway, this is always a classic summer jam that gets me excited for nice weather when I can finally put the top down.

Summer Story—DJ Doc (1996)

This is another older song that I discovered on Running Man. You remember, the episode at the indoor water park and they did karaoke with the microphones that shot water? Every time I listen to this song I imagine Song Ji Hyo singing along. 😊 But this is an insanely catchy song that tells the story of a summer romance and has great sing-a-long parts (ooga chucka, ooga ooga!) and a cute dance that will get you swaying along.

Darling—Girls Day (Summer 2014)

This retro-esque song is the perfect sweet and sassy summer song. It makes me think of picnics in the park and dates at the roller rink (do those even exist anymore? Haha). A cute song that gets me in the summer mindset.

View—SHINee (2015)

Because which of us haven’t dreamed about drugging Shinee and going on a tropical vacation with them? This song is subtler than some of the others on this list, with a more laid back beat and melody. But it’s summer groove and vibe cannot be denied, and it certainly gets me in the mood for swimming with SHINee

Me Gustas Tu—Gfriend

What a cute and freakin’ catchy song! The first time I heard this song was when Jack Black hummed it on Infinite Challenge. And that little bit was enough to get me interested. Now, I love this song! It’s one of the best to get you in a good mood and feel the butterflies a summer love can bring.

There you have it! My list of Kpop songs to get you hyped for summer. You can always find the full playlist on my YouTube channel here. So, whether you’re somewhere warm and tropical or trapped in a frozen tundra (like me), listen to these songs and dream of summer!

Did I miss any of your favorite summer Kpop jams? Tell me in the comments below!

Much love, my dongsaengs! Bye! ^^


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