On March 9 we got our first look at Season 2 of Produce 101 and the hopeful contestants. They performed on M Countdown in the classic Produce 101 first song pyramid formations. They also announced the premiere date for the start of Season 2–April 7. Seems so far away!

Overall, I thought their stage was good. The dancing was great, vocals were good. But the song seemed a little lackluster. Maybe it will just take time to grow on me. I originally didn’t like the Pick Me song from Season 1 either. I guess time will tell.

Even though seeing this stage made me excited to watch this new season of Produce 101, it also made me kind of sad in a way. You could just see on each of the performers faces how hard they were trying, how badly they want this dream. I kept trying to look at the people in the back, the ones that probably didn’t even end up on camera. And I couldn’t help thinking of how discouraging it probably was for them.

Then, I started reading the comments, which made me even more depressed. Apparently some members of Nu’est are on this season of Produce 101. I’m not a Nu’est fan, but I do really like their song ‘Face.’ Having them on here makes me sad for two reasons: 1) Nu’est hasn’t been appreciated as much as they should have been over the years and are now reduced to going on a show meant for “rookies” or “trainees.” 2) They have a leg-up on the competition since they are already known and loved by people, making it harder for the real rookies to be noticed or appreciated. 😦 Just a sad situation all around.

Still, I’m excited for the new season and to see where things go from here. What are your thoughts on this performance? Do you have any stand-outs that you’re now rooting for?

Personally, my stand-out is probably pink hair guy. He’s just got a nice smile and is a great dancer. What more can a girl want?

Pink hair guy

Let me know in the comments your thoughts! Much love, my dongsaengs!


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