How I Got Introduced to Kpop

Every Kpop fan has got one. A story about how they found the magical realm of entertainment known as Kpop. Some people simply stumble across it on YouTube, especially with the popularity it’s gained in the past few years (Gangnam Style, anyone?). Other people are introduced to it by friends.

I always think it’s interesting to hear how other people first got into Kpop, so I thought I’d share my story with you. And I’d love to hear your own story in the comments below. ^^

My first semester of college was in the Fall of 2009. (For those of you curious about the math, that means I’m 26 . . .Yeah . . . I’m kind of old . . . Hence, why I figure I’m probably most Kpop fans Unnie.)

Anyway, during my first semester I took a world music class. I figured this would be a fun elective since I love music.

The class was alright. My professor was a nice, enthusiastic man from Africa and he did his best to share music from around the world with us. The course was outlined by continent/region. So first we talked about music in Africa, then South America, then North America, etc. Then, one day, we got to Asia–specifically China.

Okay, side story.

When I was in high school I was part of a community choir that went to China in 2007. We were there for a week and got to see all the sights, as well as a lot of Chinese musical performances. Our choir even attempted to sing a song in Chinese.

Me in China
Me & the choir on the Great Wall


Me & kids in china
With some cute elementary school kids. We put on a show for each other. Those kids were so talented!

Anyway, because of this connection to China and it’s music, I was excited for the China/Asia portion of this world music class, thinking I might have something to offer.

I don’t really remember too much of what was taught that day, but one moment sticks out. We were talking about popular music in China and my professor showed us a recently released music video. This is what he showed us:

Immediately I was intrigued. The song was catchy, the members were well dressed, and the dancing was great! Being a 90’s child, I grew up with boy bands like N*Sync and Backstreet Boys, so it’s no wonder I liked this “Chinese” boy band so much. Slyly, I wrote down the video information so I could find it again later.

A few weeks passed. I got busy with school. The “Chinese” boy band I’d liked so much faded from my mind. Then one night as I was studying for a test, I came across the small note in my binder. “Super Junior-M; Super Girl.”

Deciding I deserved a break, I hopped on YouTube and found the video. Watched it over and over and over again. Clicked on the related videos, including Sorry Sorry.

I fell deep down the Korean rabbit hole and haven’t looked back since. It took me a while to figure out that Super Junior-M wasn’t actually a Chinese group, but a sub-unit of the Korean group Super Junior. So, my introduction to Kpop was a little confusing, but eventually I figured it out.

The best part is, that same night my friends came over to study. So, naturally I showed them the new awesome videos I’d discovered. Then, a few months later when I found out about Kdramas, I got them hooked as well. We spent the whole Summer of 2010 watching Boys Over Flowers, listening to Kpop, and just having the best time ever.

Evidence that Summer 2010 was the best summer ever. We made Super Junior shirts w/ our biases names on the back and even filmed a music video . . . But we don’t discuss the music video. Lol. Too embarassing.

Over the years, Kpop has just become normal for me and my friends and my family. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and has brought me so much happiness! I want this site to be a place we can all share and spread the happiness too. 🙂

So, that’s my story. But this site isn’t just about me, it’s about you! My lovely dongsaengs! How did you get introduced to Kpop? Leave your story in the comments!

Much love, my dongsaengs!


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